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Jack, 35

Thank you Empower Me for the services that you provide. I am happy to report that I have taken some of the short courses that you offer here. The courses allowed me to refresh my knowledge and know the latest in my field of Chemical Engineering. I have told my friends of this website and they are also now using this. Great work!

Samantha, 33

I was looking for possible training opportunities in the field of Architecture. Then I stumbled upon your website and saw the many available opportunities both online and offline. I didn’t know that there was a lot of opportunities available. Most of it are even free. Thank you for the work that you do. Before, I had to spend a lot of time just to research on possible opportunities but now, everything’s on this website. Thank you so much. You are really helpful.

Stanley, 25

I was due for promotion in my current job. However, one of the requirements was a specific training. Unfortunately, I could not find where I could take said training. Fortunately, I found it here in the Empower Me website. Now, I got my promotion. At the same time, I am continuing t take additional trainings and downloading books through your website. It is so great that I am able to access all of these things here. Thank you so much.