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Empower Me

It’s Time To Be An Empowered You

Hello there! Welcome to Empower Me — a website geared for professionals who want to continue improving and developing themselves. In this website, you have access to a lot of opportunities for trainings, scholarships, tips and advice from experts and professionals, and even e-books.

This website has been established by David and Barbara, a husband and wife tandem who are both passionate on learning new things and improving themselves. The couple realized that while there are lots of opportunities available for professionals, you will have to dig deep for it on the Internet and really spend a lot of time researching. They were looking for a one-stop website that will showcase all available opportunities, unfortunately, they were never able to find what they were looking for.

It is for this reason that this website was conceptualized. David and Barbara wanted to simplify the process of looking for opportunities, so they came up with this website. They realized they space in there garage, but first they needed to get the Tampa garage door repaired, before they could turn it into an office space and started a company. Their goal was simply to make it easier for people to access the various opportunities available.

In this website, we offer the following services:

A Comprehensive Database of Opportunities

We have created here a database listing various opportunities for professional development. These opportunities include trainings, scholarships, short-courses and more. Feel free to access our database and see for yourself what is available for you. Know that our database includes opportunities that are both free and fee-based. Just click on the name of the training to access more details. Each information page includes links for registration and payment. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will always be happy to assist you.

Empower Me

A Database of E-Books

Aside from available opportunities, we also provide a database of self-help books that you can download either for free or for a minimum fee. Just click the category you want, choose the book that you like and download away. Just note though that some books are available for a fee. However, most of the books have available pages and chapters that you can access for free. Feel free to check it out first before paying anything. Alternatively, you may want to contact us for any inquiry.


This website hosts forum threads to connect you with experts and other professionals from different parts of the world. Feel free to connect and engage through our forum section. We encourage you to do so in order to connect with and learn from other professionals. We guarantee that most of the people on our website are very happy to respond to your questions, talk to you and just help you out.

So what are you waiting for? With all of the resources available in this website, you don’t have an excuse to not do anything to improve yourself. Take advantage of our databases in order to update your knowledge and skills now.