It’s simple. Obesity occurs when you consume more calories than you consume. With (too) much food and too little exercise you will naturally notice that obesity is emerging. In addition, there is also a genetic predisposition for overweight. Healthy weight is the motto for overweight. This starts with good preparation.

Great risk of health problems

If you do nothing about your excess weight, you have a high risk of developing diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. The risk of cardiovascular disease has also increased. Healthy weight loss and a healthy weight are therefore important.

Prepare well

The Nutrition Center has prepared 7 tips and steps to prepare you for healthy weight loss:

  1. Measure your weight, BMI and waist circumference
  2. Only lose weight if you are allowed and you are ready
  3. Set your target weight
  4. Make good resolutions
  5. Make use of professional guidance if necessary
  6. Ask support from family and friends
  7. Take a closer look at your current eating pattern

Eat and exercise plan

Losing weight is a matter of a number of game rules:

  • Eat healthier
  • Eat less
  • Move more

Easy to say you think now. What is the best way to maintain this, because losing weight takes time? Well, for example with an eating and exercise plan as drawn up by the Hartstichting .

Exercise plan Exercise increases the metabolism and helps to maintain a diet better and to keep on weight. When preparing your exercise plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I move more?
  • Which form of exercise suits me?
  • When do I start and what is my goal?
  • Exercising together is motivating: do I go to an association or are I looking for an exercise buddy?
  • Am I looking for help from a dietician, physical therapist or sports trainer?

plan You also ask yourself a number of questions when drawing up an eating plan. For example:

  • How will I adjust my diet?
  • When do I start and what is my goal?
  • Am I going to do this together with family members or a friend?
  • Am I looking for help from a dietician?

Tips to keep it up

It is a challenge for many people to maintain weight. A number of tips that may help you to continue losing weight.

  • Set a feasible goal and think in small steps. Half a kilo a week is fine;
  • Do not stand on the scales every day, but choose a fixed time of the week;
  • Healthier and less food is more important than a strict diet;
  • Reduce your daily portions;
  • Choose whole-grain bread or pasta for a fuller feeling;
  • Reward yourself if it goes well. This encourages you to continue.