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A healthy body that cooperates as much as possible during your daily activities. And that can handle what you need. That is your wish. And ours.

That is why you will find various motion and health-related therapies and methods in our practice. With a single treatment method or a combination of therapies we help you with complaints that you experience during exercise, after surgery or injury, during and after illness (for example cancer), concerning fluid management, energy balance and weight, pain, trauma and stress.
Even when the cause is unclear. With this multidisciplinary approach we look further than just your complaint.


Treatment at home


Nutrition guidance of the dietitian in the Empowerme

For personal nutritional advice and support after, for example, an operation, you can go to the dietician of Empowerme Practice. We look at your complaints and listen to your wishes.

Nutrition advice from the dietician at Empowerme Practice

The dietitian specializes in nutrition in relation to health and illness.

You can come to us for various reasons.

This includes: metabolic diseases (osteoporosis, diabetes), obesity, nutrition around pregnancy, rheumatic diseases, food hypersensitivity, gastrointestinal liver diseases, cardiovascular diseases and sports nutrition.

In addition, there are a number of reasons that you may not immediately think about going to a dietician. Dietetics helps with various complaints and disorders and of course with weight loss.

Treatment method

During the first meeting we examine your diet based on medical history, complaints and personal circumstances, among other things.

The eating behavior and nutritional status are hereby mapped.

Appropriate dietary advice will be compiled in consultation with you.

The number of consultations also depends on the diagnosis, the request for help, the treatment plan and the progress.



What They Say

“My experience at Empoerme Health Care is nothing short of amazing. Partly because of the positive approach, the really feeling supported, helped me, among other things, to stop smoking. The smooth and friendly way of answering e-mail is for me personally a very pleasant way of communicating. I am underweight because of underweight, meanwhile I have managed to gain weight and I am very happy with that. “


“Somewhat skeptically, I came to Empowerme Practice to make a profit
with losing weight. I have always been under the impression
that I know what it is that I am not losing. Healthier food and more sports and those kinds of naps. In a relaxed conversation makes clear where there is still room for improvement and improvement, but I was asked questions that I
had never thought about, but which I ultimately managed to make enormous profit with. All my skepticism has disappeared and I I am happy to have followed the advice of Empowerme Practice “

“I have had complaints in my neck and back for a long time because of a wrong posture behind the computer. Richard gave me good tips on how to improve my posture and helped me well with my acute complaints. He explains everything calmly and has a lot of personal attention.”

“After two weeks of trouble in my upper back and neck, I have been stripped of my complaints after two visits. Friendly and professional staff, my advice for everyone: go here”

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